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Student Suicide Contracts

New students at the City College of Dongguan University of Technology in China are required to sign contracts to absolve all of the blame from…

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Apple Launches iPhone 5s

So here we are another year, another iPhone. Well actually this year has been quite a surprise with the unveiling of both the highly anticipated…

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Break Even Analysis

This worksheet will help you develop your understanding of the different kinds of costs incurred by a business and how contribution and breakeven analysis can…

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Business Plan Template

  Download a Business Plan Template by right clicking on the link and clicking save as.

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The History of the USA

A quick overview on the USA from when it was founded in 1776. The USA was founded in 1776, after the American War of Independence The…

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American Culture and Society

What do we mean by ‘culture’? It’s a difficult term to define… •We can mean the ideas and practices that people have in common •It…

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